Becoming an AI Company

One company in its life plays many parts

Over the past years, we’ve been listening to our users feedback, either directly or through invasive telemetry, and have amassed quite the backlog. A backlog filled with our users hopes, problems, desires, and in some cases, their social security numbers. It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to that backlog as we transition ourselves from a Product Company™ to an AI Company™.

For the past six months, and for the foreseeable future, we have been working tirelessly on adding GenAI features to our product that no one asked for. Today, we’re excited to announce the beta release of the alpha build of these features! This release represents a new paradigm for our product: instead of offering a purpose-built, interactive experience, you’ll instead communicate with our product using Natural Language™.

Natural Language™ replaces the decades worth of useless user interface design guidelines with a simple text box. Merely type in an extremely detailed list of requirements and context, and like magic, our GenAI™ features will perform your actions to the best of the Internet’s ability.

We’re very excited for you to see how much more effective we think these features will make you. You’ll clearly understand that the $10/month/user increase represents a small fraction of the business value youll receive. And best of all, by using GenAI™ tools like this, you too will become an AI Company™ , just like us.


What’s the status of the enhancement request that our purchase was predicated on?

We encourage customers to reach out to our customer success team to learn more about how our GenAI™ features make enhancement requests irrelevant!

When did you decide to become an AI Company?

Ever since our companies inception actually! We only created successful software as a way to fund our GenAI™ efforts. You can see from our recently modified and published blog posts that GenAI™ is baked deep within our DNA!

Wait you’re increasing every subscription by $10/user? For this?

AI means Ain’t Inexpensive. With the added costs from adding the text box to our app, as well as the exorbitant premium we pay to a different company everytime someone uses the text box, we’ll be lucky if we don’t raise the subscription again in a few months.